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    Growing up in the 90s, your name written in Old English was the coolest thing you could have written on your folder, book covers and back packs. Back then one friend would have the whole alphabet written out and we would either pay 5 cents to get copies at the library or just trace it.  This font represented the lifestyle we saw in the streets. It was a gangster font. Now we look at the font and it is still represents the street life for us. It’s so tough. Yet, now, it is so organic and classy. Just like our brand, VNDTA.  What more can we say?  We are influence by the old school.



    This Saturday we are doing the closing reception to the “Made in Los Angeles” art show. So if you came down last time and had a good time, let’s do it again. If you didn’t get a chance to see the first time, well this is your chance to check it out for the last time. Hope to see you this Saturday.



  • Santa Ana Wins

    This Saturday we will be in Santa Ana for the art walk where Kast is showing a skateboard deck he painted. This is our first showing in Santa Ana. So come down it is sponsored by us and other great companies, including a brewery proving some drinks. This is all brought to you by the good people at Jouvon & Stoopdown LTD in association with Bridge To Skate, which is a great organization thats bringing skate parks to places that normally wouldn’t have a skate park in their community. So come join us and have some drinks and have a good time.


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    I think I am ready for Hollywood.


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    Every now and then I get the: “I thought your idea was stupid, but now that I see it, I like it.” Yeah my ideas can be a bit abstract, unconventional, just plain weird, but isn’t creativity supposed to be just that?

    Probably that’s why some people consider dream chasers to be a bit crazy. Dreamers are people with illusions. They see things that aren’t really there, but a true dreamer goes after that illusion until they make it into a reality. Dreams keep people alive. It keeps a spirit young and happy. Everyone should have a dream and everyone should have the God given right to chase that illusion that the soul so badly craves. You only get one life; chase your dreams because only dead people don’t dream.

    -Famous 8


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    Model: Natalie C

    Dream Chasers Now Available Click Here

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    Made In Los Angeles – Art Show

    Last Saturday we participated in an art show called “Made In Los Angeles” which was held at the Smoking Mirrors Gallery. Different artists show cased different pieces that were inspired by the great city of LA. We all had lots of fun, even when we were setting up until 4am for the show to open up in only a couple of hours. If you attended the show, thank you and hope you enjoyed it. If you didn’t make it, well don’t trip, I got you. Here are a couple of pictures of the show.


    DSC_4966 DSC_4967 DSC_4968 DSC_4970


    Cruising around at 4am. Only hours before the show.


    Ed Gutter was on a 24hr no sleep mode.



    Welcome to the Smoking Mirrors Gallery in Pomona.


    I don’t think she was thirsty.


    Walking Art.



    Shouts out to all the artist that participated in the show. Awesome work everyone.

    Shouts out to all the artist that participated in the show. Awesome work everyone.



    On Friday my friend Mark shows up at my front door and tells me, “Do you want to go to a show?” I saw his post on facebook about a show with DJ Quik, WC, Suga Free, Kurupt and other artists. The show was at the  Observatory in Santa Ana;  just 10 minutes away from my spot . So I said “Yeah, why not.” I grabbed my camera, put on my VNDTA hat and off we went in a pouring cold rain. When we got there, Mark met up with our friend Kirk from Cycadelic Records which this guy is one crazy guy to party with. So when it was time for Dj Quik. I stepped on stage when WC was performing his last song. I felt the energy and I was ready to capture it.


    My fingers twisted in the middle and I yelled “WESSSTTT SSIIIDDEEE!!!”

    Dj Quik

    When DJ Quik started performing his songs, nostalgia started setting in. Suddenly I was a kid playing DJ Quik at parties and driving my first car and bumping his songs with Suga Free.

    Kurupt comes on stage and performing along his brother Roscoe.

    Kurupt comes on stage and performs along his brother Roscoe.

    Fun Fact: We actually had worked on a track with Roscoe back in 2005. I think you can still find that track on Itunes: JMG & Roscoe "West Coast Thang, That song actually got us a Japan tour.

    Fun Fact: We actually had worked on a track with Roscoe back in 2005. I think you can still find that track on Itunes: JMG & Roscoe “West Coast Thang, That song actually got us a Japan tour.


    Then Suga Free jumps out of no where. I only saw him perform once, years ago and I always remember the energy in his performances and the energy was still there.

    Then Suga Free jumps out of no where. I only saw him perform once; years ago. I always remembered the energy in his performance and the energy was still there.

    I actually enjoy photographing shows like this. It puts my ninja abilities to the test, jump up and down the stage just to get the perfect shot. If you don’t know any of these artist you are either to young or you were never up on game on that late 90s early 2000s West Coast Shit. If you know about it, what was your favorite West Coast Track from any of these legends. Remember: “If it don’t make dollars it don’t make sense…” -Dj Quik  -Famous8

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    Pawz One announces the release of his album “Face The Facts“, after releasing 3 well received mixtapes and independently touring the United States, Pawz One returns with his first solo album. Featuring a combination of gritty and smooth production from Los Angeles producers Default & Breeze that embody the genuine golden-era style.
    Heavyweight guests such as Rakaa Iriscience of Dilated Peoples, Ras Kass, Termanology, 2Mex and Masta Ace all make solid appearances throughout the album.
    ‘Face The Facts’ is set to impact audiences all over the world by carrying on tradition and adding something new to hip hop’s already rich history. Hip Hop is in good hands, it’s time to face the facts!
    Distributed through Fatbeats the album will be available on CD, limited edition vinyl & cassettes as well as all online retailers.


    Fabian Vasquez
    Dj / Producer
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    We Give Up.

    That is an odd statement, even to type. Something thats not really in my vocabulary, but its something that has come to mind more often than not, recently.

    We’re not like a lot of people out here. All of us here at VNDTA are self employed Dream Chasers. Because of that we encounter more obstacles than the average brand. We don’t have any investors feeding money into the brand. Everything we do comes from our hard earned money.

    With that being said, I almost gave up. Gave up on chasing the dream. Things are hard out here and I could sugar coat it or throw some smokes and mirrors to try to fake an image of something we’re not, but I’m not going to do that. The thought of giving up are thoughts of brand suicide. What if I fought for it for one more year? What if I didn’t? Giving up wouldn’t answer my questions, but i thought about giving into it. Maybe then the pressures of producing thought provoking designs and ad campaigns wouldn’t burden my already burdened life. Maybe then I could focus on chasing money in some bullshit job that would pay my bills and allow me to buy some fresh kicks… Then again, whats the fun in that? Could I really look back on my life and find that acceptable? That I didn’t try? That I didn’t give it my all?

    I feel that you should know that we’re just like you. We all go through some sort of struggle. The important thing is that we continue to fight for what we believe, in hopes to one day look back at the struggles and know that chasing the dream was well worth it, even when the odds are stacked against you.

    - @vndtaKAST

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